Reproduction of stucco and sculptural works, artificial stone and marble

We design and produce parts of the decorations based on models, historical plans, and new architectonical designs.  We make moulds for casting the missing decorative parts of facades and decorative interiors.

We create sculptures that accompany the decorations of facades, interiors, or exteriors. We make moulds of historical sculptures, and we produce copies.

We create imitations of stone elements of architecture. Dry or wet cast stone moulds can then be treated mechanically or colour-wise through distressing.

One part of the surface finish works is also polychrome – the adjustment of colours based on our discoveries. We produce artificial marble surfaces and repair them.

Štukové prvky výzdob

Reprodukce štukových a sochařských děl

Sochařská díla

Imitace kamenných prvků

Umělý kámen a mramor

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