We create a space for people

The Oliver Braun brand covers several arts and crafts sectors which are closely connected and mutually develop themselves. Our team is full of young people whose energy helps to preserve traditional crafts and to renew the beauty of historical towns. We share an environment where people can evolve and we create a space for the blossoming of art, thoughts, and values.

A word from the founder

“Young people are the future of crafts.”

I finished my studies at the School of Arts and Crafts in Podkovarska street as the only graduate in my year. After school my task was very clear to me: to reconstruct historic buildings which belong among the treasures of our country and to pass on my enthusiasm and knowledge to other people.

“I established the Oliver Braun company to return prestige to traditional crafts and to bring out the interest for decorative plastering in the younger generation.”

We Cooperate

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