Pre-project preparation of heritage-protected buildings

Are you an owner of a cultural monument and are you planning to have it reconstructed?

We can evaluate the state of your property

We can perform the conservation survey

We can put together the restoration report and the restoration model

We can arrange all administrative steps and communicate with the preservation groups

We can help you acquire a grant

The planning of the restoration of cultural monuments differs from the renovation of a modern building –  mainly in respecting the specific limitations and work procedures which secure the protection of the existing values, and which are controlled by the Národní Památkový Ústav (NPÚ). The aim of any planned intervention is not only to prevent further decay of the building but also to preserve or revive the architectural, cultural, historical and all other values which together add up to create the heritage status of the building. That is why you have to proceed methodically – and we know how!

All you need before the restoration of a heritage protected building, details:


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