Do you own a cultural monument?

Historic preservation is a targeted effort of society to protect selected parts of their physical and movable cultural heritage – primarily buildings.

Are you an owner of a cultural monument and are you planning to have it reconstructed? The planning of the restoration of cultural monuments differs from the renovation of a modern building –  mainly in respecting the specific limitations and work procedures which secure the protection of the existing values, and which are controlled by the Národní Památkový Ústav (NPÚ). The aim of any planned intervention is not only to prevent further decay of the building but also to preserve or revive the architectural, cultural, historical, and all other values which together add up to create the heritage status of the building. That is why you have to proceed methodically.

You can find out if your property falls within the criteria for heritage preservation with the help of the cadastral register or Monument Catalogue. It could be a cultural monument, or it could lie in a monument zone. Each area has its own specific protection rules as well. This is why cooperation with preservationists (both from NPÚ and the local department of heritage protection) is essential.
If the building is historically protected, it is necessary to obtain a permit (a binding opinion) before the restoration. This permit is issued based on a professional conservation survey, a restoration report, a restoration model, a demand for binding opinion, and a statement from a preservationist about the demand. The conservation survey consists of an examination of the original colouring (a stratigraphic analysis), an identification of the original layers of material and microstructures if needed. With these results, the materials are selected and the most suitable method of work is proposed, in order to preserve the historical value. The restoration model should also include a coherent outline of the intended construction programme (the future function of the building) with the specification of the intended construction activity and other important information.

The process: step by step

1/ A request of the service of our company.
2/ A meeting in the building with a visual inspection.
3/ We prepare a price offer for a conservation survey.
4/ We carry out the survey and provide the necessary analyses.
5/ We write the restoration report and the restoration model.
6/ We prepare all the necessary documents for you.
7/ We request a binding opinion from the authorities.
8/ We wait 30 + 30 days. NPÚ has 30 days to provide an expert’s opinion and they can also visit the building. If the statement doesn’t need any modifications, we can sign the permission and then wait for another 30 days until the binding opinion is issued by the authorities.
9/ As soon as the binding opinion is issued, the restoration can begin.

The owner of a historically significant property may be eligible to acquire a revitalisation grant, e.g. in the instance that the building is a part of the city or tourist centre. We are ready to help you with the grant request as well!

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